Voluntary Occurrence Report


The aim of the Qatar Aviation Voluntary Reporting System (QAVRS) is to identify hazards and threats which need to be addressed in order to improve the safety level of civil aviation system.

Legal Basis and Confidentiality

The QAVRS is described in QCAR 004-2017 and related Guidance Material which are published on the QCAA website.

The reporting person is free to provide contact details to enable the Authority to request further clarification or additional information but, also with the purpose to enable the Authority to provide feedback about the report if considered appropriate.

Protection of Data, Information and source of Information

The Law 15 on civil aviation, Law 13 on the protection of the privacy of personal data and relevant regulations, such as QCAR 19 and QCAR 004 as well, subject to any applicable exceptions, shall not allow information provided about occurrences or perceived hazards, via the QAVRS, to be used against the person or organization making a report, in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings.

In the case that contact details are provided, the QAVRS protects the identity of the person making the report. As such, we only keep personal details for as long as we need to keep in contact with them. When a report is closed, all contact details are deleted from our system.

Note 1: Mandatory Occurrence Report (MOR) should not be reported through this system (QAVRS). In conformance with relevant law and regulation of the State of Qatar, such events shall be reported through the mandatory reporting system via safety web ( https://safetyweb.in2systems.nl/) or email ( safety.reports@caa.gov.qa).

Note 2: Aircraft accidents and serious incidents shall be reported to QAAI (Qatar Aviation Accident Investigation) via hotline (+974 44571313) or email (QAAI@caa.gov.qa).